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Primary Classrooms

“A child who has become master of his acts through long and repeated exercises, and who has been encouraged by the pleasant and interesting activities in which he has been engaged, is a child filled with health and joy and remarkable for his calmness and discipline.” 

-Dr. Maria Montessori 

“Early childhood education is the key to the betterment of society.”

-Dr. Maria Montessori

Goals of a Primary Montessori Program:

  • introduce the children to the joy of learning
  • develop initiative, concentration, independence, persistence and critical thinking
  • Foster respect for self, others, and environment
  • Educate the whole child with activities and lessons designed to promote development of social skills, emotional growth, physical coordination as well as cognitive preparation


Catherine Tantengco
Assistant: Shelia Romero


Lulu Brock
Assistant: Karen Jenkins


Heidi Sale 
Assistant: Jessica Cline


Joy Magee
Assistant: Misty Lopez


Elizabeth Marshall
Assistant: Susuan Mummery