The Buena Vista Media Center promotes the value of libraries by providing a place for its community members to experience the relevance of a library.  Our vision is to create a passion for reading in our students, and to provide and support students in their acquisition, questioning and ethical use of information.  We strive to create an environment where information and ideas are shared and problems are collaboratively addressed using all tools available, with time to reflect on the process. 


Quick Links 
Science Leveled Readers - science textbooks in online audio format with teacher guides and student practice sheets using McREL strategies:
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Research Frontier - All the information in the known universe
Kids' Resources
XtraMath- increase speed and accuracy with basic math facts
Find  free  eBooks at BookRags and Project Gutenberg
Every Day Mathematics - click on " Student Login," use the user name and password your teacher gave you to access math activities.
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